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Despair Horizons

by Shumanga Cojam

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Kris's life was almost broken. She became an outsider in the school and she was happy to have moments when schoolmates didn't noticed her at all. She began to study badly, which resulted in scandals at home. The only place where her soul finds calm is the dark forest of Graveblood and an old abandoned library.
Walking in the forest, Ashley was seekeng for the last smoke in the pocket. Another absenteeism and another fell on schoolmates. She smoked, but it doesn't helped her to get off her heavy thoughts. Thoughtfully looking at the feet, she stumbled upon abandoned building. She opened the door indifferently and found her sitting in the center of big room.
What does pages of these old books hides? The things that will never let her sleep. The whole world of reality underside appeared for Kris. The dark shadows waiting her on road to home turned into noises and feel of someone's presence. Kris hurried to share her discovery with her new friend
Absorbed in the Kris's stories, Ashley decided to relax. Of course, it was hard to believe in such a things. She took the powder and scattered it over the table... Some minutes later she like fell through the ground. Everything around her appeared as supernatural. Shadows with flickering lights of eyes, noises that she have never heard before. Kris's stories finally appeared to be true.
Because of poor grades, Kris got under the house arrest. The only way to see her friend again was to use black magic. The world underside was the only place where Kris and Ashley could have meet again. But before you take a chance, think twice about aftermaths
"Why everything is so hard and who the hell are they to take her away from me? Day without drugs is nothing for me but day without her. I will find her and take her away. Kris, you can do it, we'll meet there and nothing can stop us"
Hand in hand. They walked together and smiling to each other. Still sad, lost and broken. They walked to the place, where they met for the first time. They didn't know what to expect tommorow but they was happy here and now


All her life was covered with a thick fog. Days were blurred in her memory and the surrounding reality became nothing for her. She was drowning in sorrow and became like a prickly pine for everyone else. Only dark forests could have accept a lost soul.


released June 29, 2017



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Cojam Leningradskaya oblast, Russia

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